Burnt Ash Design

Handmade and Custom Jewelry

I like rocks


My name is Ashley, the human behind Burnt Ash Design. The studio is located in Whitefish, Montana... in my buddies' garage.

Growing up, I always enjoyed making things with my hands. The transformation of ideas into something tangible is an experience I revere beyond most in this world. To me, it is the essence of being a human. Reality manifesting imagination.

Jewelry should be a special affair. It should be as personal as the art itself because what is more personal than having art you can wear and take with you everywhere. It represents moments. That is why I decided to make it myself. I wanted to be able to put my love into the creation of it.

I am a self taught metalsmith which really means that each piece I create teaches me something. This is my thought process. This is my art. I hope you enjoy.


My most valuable tool: my hands.

Every piece I create is its own little experiment. An experiment with my capabilities, and the materials and tools I have at my disposal.

I try to use only the finest grade metals and stones I can find. I look for natural and unique stones and buy metal from trusted distributors in order to provide the best quality. Each stone is hand picked from artists as close to the source as I can find and some from the regions I visit. The designs reflect characteristics of the people and nature surrounding. Because each rock deserves to tell its story.

My hands bare testament to the brutality of creating with them. The gouges, scabs, scars; they'll each attest to the hours of work my hands have sacrificed in doing this art of love. Each detail and design is fabricated piece by piece with care. I think it is only fair that way! 


Since I was young, I have felt drawn to the outdoors. I have a passion for nature that stemmed in the mountains as I grew up in Colorado at the base of the Rockies. When I am feeling “creator’s block”, getting outside always helps. Exploration fuels me. I believe it may parallel my self-guided method of navigation in this world, as well as in my metalsmithing. Traditional methods wouldn't suit. 

My jewelry isn't traditional either. It is inspired from my travels and from the natural features around me. The mountains, forests, water and of course the ROCKS! Each place I spend time bares its own unique beauty and my jewelry spills from those sensations. I am also an active person and try to create pieces that can work with you as you move around in the world as well and adapt with you day to day and over the years.